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Our Private Motor Yachts

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Two magnificent yachts are calling you. Both of them hold up to 19 passengers but provide a very romantic setting for just two people. Each has a huge front deck, giving you the best totally unobstructed view (unless you have big feet!). The crew is at your beck and call, there only to make you comfortable every minute of your ride.

This is the type of experience where your intention might have been to snorkel, but once you board this yacht, you may decide you don't want to leave the ...
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Barry has been in the travel industry for the last 30 years. He has been traveling all his life to every destination, both as a traveler, a travel agent and as a group leader. He has experienced first-hand the evolution of leisure travel from the days of the pre-computer to the present.

Julie has known Barry all her life and has traveled that long, as well. She started her career as an interior designer 30 years ago, but switched to travel several years back thinking it would be fun t ...
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Private 42' yacht for 1-4 people, Maxmium 18 (Includes the first 4 people)
Private 46' yacht for 1-4 people, Maximum 20 (Includes the first 4 people)
Per Person (Each after the first 4)
Add an extra hour of sailing
Mexican Spread Upgrade (Per person)
Per Person (child) (Each after the first 4)

Days of Operation


Departure Times and Duration

  • 10:00 AM (3 hours)
  • 01:15 PM (3 hours)
  • 04:00 PM (3 hours)
All times are local.


- There are 2 boats; one has a maximum of 18 and the other a maximum of 20. Both are cozy for 2.
- Please note that in Cabo San Lucas there is some confusion about ship time vs local time. Please see your purser on your ship to clarify whether your ship changes its time to local time so you do not miss your excursion. As each ship is ruled by its captain, it is your responsibility to confirm this while you are sailing.
- You must be 18 years old to drink alcohol and have proof of your age.
- No alcohol is served until after snorkeling.
- Gratuities are not included.